Healthy Fortune and Good Fortune Living

We are living in peculiar times and good favor fortune or more fortunate can look like a lot of things depending on your perspective. So the question we should all be asking ourselves is if we are fortunate, more fortunate, blessed, or favored /involving good fortune, and or materially well off are you making more room at the table, and are you building a longer table? What does that table look like and does it equate to access for others to eat,? Or are we building fences/walls? Thank you Shenelle, Stacy, Rahvaunia, Lifecoachingwithdeedee, Ndambi, Therealreidjrich, Thatchickangel, Essence_says Kareemgrimes, Kadesh_Desiree_Coleman, and Kolakolaworld for making room at your table as a dallas blogger able kindness quotes Tag your day1s who are making room at their table

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