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Dallas Mayor Gulf Game Fourseasons

Practice doesn’t equal perfection: Improving & making real visible, tangible changes take #practice So even if your goal is to make real life long health & wellness changes real tangible results & lifestyle changes don’t happen overnight. We’ve all heard the cliches “it takes 21 days to create a new habit” Or “practice makes perfect” The 2 cliches sound good but aren’t 100% accurate I didn’t really appreciate golf until I started taking lessons & realize with anything practice isn’t going to make me like #tigerwoods or a #lpga champ overnight. As I played my 1st real golf game w/ the Mayor of Dallas at the @fourseasons @fsdallas and 1 of the hardest courses where @pgatour ‘s have occurred & where I 1st saw #tigerwoods Play. Was this the best course for a 1st 18 hole game? No! But I liken this experience to how we sometimes see influencers (fitness enthusiast doing really cool exercises that we want to do) Now the Mayor & his partner whose a member of the country club & live off a golf course have both being practicing 4 years. It will certainly improve my game but #no where near perfection. Keep #practicing and taking 100% responsibility for the

  1. Goals you set 2. The real honest truth about where you are & what it takes to get there. 3. Give yourself some grace & space to learn. 4. Encourage yourself 5. Surround yourself with people who see 1 of Gods greatest creation: #you What’s one goal that isn’t fleeting that your determined to achieve at the end of 2021?

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