When the Life I Love feels like the Sci Fi Film I Hate

Since 2020 was like the one science fiction drama I hated focusing out what I can control is how I changed the channel. 2020 felt like the sci-fi film that none of us wanted to watch or experience. Our 2021 journeys & paths have taken some unexpected twist & turns that I’m certain we weren’t expecting. What journey are you on:

Did you move to a new city? Have you find new love or desire a better relationship? Setting new health and wellness goals is a great start? Want to start a new career? Considering moving to a new country? Changing gears and ready to start a new business? Did you start a new self-care routine?

Whatever it may be, finding courage to be still, and muster strength to take one step every day starts with just ONE!

What’s one thing that’s you’ve always wanted to do and you still haven’t tried to accomplish? Leave me a comment and share one step you can take today that will get you closer to your goal? Sometimes we’re so consumed with looking at the forest that we forget to notice the trees. The trees in front of us, behind us, next to us, and we compare our branches that we miss the entire forest. Focus on your own beautiful branches and nurture your soil. Please, know that you’re one step,one mustard seed or acorn started away. Nurture that seed ( that vision, that goal, that dream,).

Nurturing & Planning: Get ready by nurturing and planning and finding mentors along the way. Mentors can help you get set. Set yourself up to understand what it takes to grow. Whatever your age, level, and or career, we all have room to grow. Being able to experience the newness of growth is a constant process. Part of the growing process is staying flexible, like water. And as long as we stay fluid and nurture our soil our growth is ever present.

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