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Four Seasons Golf Game with O to the J Oscar Joyner

What a fantastic golf game with one of my dear friends O-to-the-J (Oscar Joyner) at the fantastic four seasons Hotel and resort in Dallas Texas, an official PTA Golf Course. I remember seeing Tiger Woods play her for the first time ever.

We started our day with a fantastic pre-summer setting, blue skies with a brisk cool breeze, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and magnolia in the air. 

Our golf game begins with Oscar teeing off a promising birdie while my efforts were not as stellar. I forged on to make my best troke at the 15th hole. 

The beauty of this course & the Spirit-Mind-Body Challenge this golf course presented 7,000 steps, sunshine, vitamin D & only one mosquito bite. Tons of core work & sore forearms. It is so important to wear the right gear. My spiked Adidas golf shoe were so comfy on and off the course. 

After our golf game, we had a nice lunch at the Four Seasons Restaurant which to my surprise offered several vegan options. I ordered crispy brussel sprouts and & a zesty garden salad which was well welcomed after an 18-hole game. I was wiped out and hit the sack super early.

I can’t wait to return & enjoy another day of golfing on the green.  

What’s one of your favorite golf courses? Leave a comment below.

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